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paperless revolution

“We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” Every day we print hundreds or even thousands of sheets, leading to an unimaginable paper consumption. … Continue reading

analysis challenges for better safety

While developing a new mast, we were asked to provide, as mast integration, an overhead guard protection and to simulate and model with FEM analysis a Dynamic Impact Test to verify that it meets the requirements described in the Standards. We … Continue reading

The evolution of pedestrian transpallet

The growing demand of challenging applications to the limit is a good trial and call to move  forward in developping productcs, considered  so far inconceivable. Thanks to a steady dialogue and tight collaboration with our customers, Lift-Tek Elecar has developped a … Continue reading

High Visibility solution

With the purpose of  achieving the maximum vision, when the carriage is operated at drivers’ eyeline, even with lifted load, Lift-Tek Elecar was able to optimise a type of products going by the customers’ requirements and by redefining and broadening the space within, … Continue reading


F70 – NEW 7 TON HEAVY DUTY MAST 3 – Stage full free lift 2 – Aux funcions 1500 hours of test   Contact our sales department for further information or for a proposal.

Completely Integrated F60TV with double deep pantograph

The continuous increase in special application requests and the close collaboration with the customer led to the development of a  special and completely integrated mast, with attachments with high level of complexity and detail. F60TV (three stages with free lift) completely … Continue reading

Special application masts: F1812SV

In compliance with the lift truck standards and recommendations, there is an increasing request to approach the load in quite remote places by using traditional systems. The key success factor is our  approach to personalisations. Features: H3=3400 H1=3475 Mast weight: … Continue reading


Lift-Tek Elecar has always aimed to grow and improve its products in a vision of development and safety. FMEA analysis is an analysis methodology which allows to sistematically identify  the risk factors, through process, product or system scomposition in elementary … Continue reading