We  believe in the importance of  technological innovation, we follow this path and harvest the good results. Investing in up-to-date CAD software programmes and in digital operating systems is essential for business success. We can develop specialised products as quickly as series products. We can simulate products’ assembling and carry out design changes with positive economic effects. It is now our standard procedure to virtually represent the integration of the mast on the lift truck,  avoiding the risk of  mistakes. We develop and design very compact masts with the highest structural and capacity characteristics.
We are able to show virtual, highly detailed products, modify them in real time and perform some short process simulations: All this – we believe – is beneficial  to establish a constructive approach to our customers. We are now able to meet  customers’ technological requests, which were unconceivable until a few years ago. This is all possible because we can count on an up-to-date CAD technological support.

Today we are in the front line of  the innovation research, which has lead us to explore and develop completely electrical mast solutions particularly used in the food industry.


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